Another Prisoner Dies in Palestinian ‘Abu Grahib’

The death of 28-year-old Palestinian Ahmed Abu Hamada in a Palestinian Authority jail has brought to the surface claims of torture in detention, Felesteen reported yesterday.

The PA had claimed that Abu Hamada had a heart attack however rights groups have said that many prisoners die as a result of torture in detention.

Noting that most of them do not file complaints because they are afraid of revenge, member of Freedoms Committee in the West Bank, Khalil Assaf, said:

Assaf said that Jericho Prison is the most notorious because Palestinians are brought there for investigation.

The Arab Organization for Human Rights based in London has several times called for the PA to immediately stop the political detention and stop practicing systematic torture and humiliation of Palestinian inmates.

Rights groups documented cases of Palestinians tortured to death inside PA prisons, including Farid Jarbou, 28, who died in July 1994 � less than a year after the establishment of the PA.

Source: Palestine Chronicle