Amnesty Warns of New ‘Zero Tolerance’ Policy by Israeli Soldiers at Gaza Fence

Amnesty International today warned of a new zero tolerance policy by Israeli forces towards Palestinian demonstrators in the occupied Gaza Strip, raising fears of escalating bloodshed.

In a statement, the human rights organization urged the Israeli government to rein in its armed forces, which have routinely used unnecessary or excessive force during Gaza’s weekly ‘Great March of Return’ demonstrations.

Saleh Higazi, Amnesty’s deputy director for the Middle East and North Africa, said:

Israel has repeatedly used lethal force unnecessarily and excessively against unarmed protesters in shameless violation of international law.

Amnesty’s statement comes in response to a reported new policy agreed on by Israel’s cabinet, instructing Israeli forces to open fire on Palestinians nowhere near Gaza’s perimeter fence.

Israel’s Housing Minister and former head of the Israeli army’s Southern Command, Yoav Gallant, was quoted in Israeli media stating that the rules of the game are about to change.

Source: Palestine Chronicle