Amnesty Condemns PA’s ‘Dark Underbelly of Violence, Dysfunction’

Amnesty International condemned the Palestinian Authority’s arbitrary detention and beating of scores of demonstrators and bystanders, including Amnesty’s own staff member, Laith Abu Zeyad.

Philip Luther, Amnesty International’s MENA Research and Advocacy Director said in a statement:

Mariam Barghouti, a Ramallah citizen, tweeted:

Amnesty’s statement added:

The PA’s security forces were accused of thuggery.

Palestinians in Ramallah started protesting against the Palestinian Authority (PA) on Sunday over sanctions imposed on the besieged Gaza Strip by Israel and the PA.

Over 1,500 people demonstrated downtown Ramallah after artists, journalists and activists issued a call to protest in solidarity with Palestinians in Gaza, where so far over 130 have been killed and thousands injured by Israeli snipers since the Great March of Return began on March 30.

Source: Palestine Chronicle