Amid Standoff, Qatar Diverts Funds to Humanitarian Projects

Chairman of the National Committee for the Reconstruction of Gaza, Ambassador Mohammed Al-Emadi, said that,

The funds would be used to help poor families, to develop infrastructure, and to support the Ministry of Health in cooperation with the United Nations, Al-Emadi continued. The first agreement with the UN would be signed on Monday, he added.

The Qatari official said he asked the Minister of Civil Affairs, Hussein Al-Sheikh, to review the Palestinian Authority’s decision to withdraw its employees from the Rafah crossing, and said that the latter promised to review the matter with President Mahmoud Abbas.

Al-Emadi stressed that the main goal of the Qatari grant to Gaza is to alleviate the suffering of the Palestinian people.

He stressed the right of the Palestinian people to demonstrate and convey the message of their suffering to the world.

Source: Palestine Chronicle