Abbas Says All Ties with US, Israel Officially Cut, Including ‘Security Coordination

Palestinian Authority (PA) President Mahmoud Abbas claimed Saturday that the PA has cut all ties with the US and Israeli governments, including the so called security coordination, following the announcement by Washington of its Middle East ‘peace plan.

Abbass announcement came during an emergency Arab League meeting held in Egypts capital, Cairo, requested by the Palestinian President.

Abbas called on Arab nations to take a clear stance in rejection of US President Trumps so called Deal of the Century.

Weve informed the Israeli side that there will be no relations at all with them and the United States including security ties, Abbas told the one day extraordinary session to discuss Trumps plan.

They told me Trump wants to send me the deal of the century to read, I said I would not, Abbas added.

Trump asked that I speak to him over the phone, so I said ‘no, and that he wants to send me a letter, so I refused to receive it.

Soon after the US plan was unveiled, Abbas called on all Palestinian political groups to meet, in order to discuss the American announcement, obtaining an immediate positive response from the Islamic Jihad and Hamas movements.

According to the plan, the US will officially recognize Israels illegal Jewish settlements in the occupied territories; Jerusalem will be the undivided capital of Israel ; Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza would have to be disarmed and that there shall be no right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Source: The Palestine Chronicle