20 Months after Its Launch, ‘March of Return’ Protests to Be Held Monthly

The Higher National Committee (HNC), which represents several Gaza-based political groups and civil society organizations, announced on Thursday that the Great March of Return protests will no longer be held weekly, but once a month, according to Reuters.

HNC is the committee responsible for organizing the Great March of Return, a popular mobilization effort that was launched in the besieged Gaza Strip in March 2018. The protests have championed two major demands: lifting the siege on Gaza and implementing the right of return for Palestinian refugees.

Since it began, Palestinians have held weekly demonstrations at the fence separating the besieged Gaza Strip from Israel, with a few exceptions, especially last November when Israel launched deadly strikes on the Strip, killing 34 and wounding dozens more.

It’s still unclear why the organizing committee has decided to scale back on the protests.

According to the Gaza’s Ministry of Health, more than 300 people have been killed by the Israeli army at the fence and over 10,000 wounded, including children, medics and journalists.

Source: Palestine Chronicle