150 European Bodies Call on EU to Stop Funding Israeli Arms Companies

On Palestinian Prisoner Day, which is marked April 17 each year, more than 150 European trade unions, political parties, human rights organizations and faith groups from over 16 European countries issued a call urging the EU to uphold its legal responsibilities and exclude Israeli military companies from EU Framework Programs.

This call � accompanied by an explainer video � comes at a time when at least 35 unarmed Palestinians have been shot dead by Israeli snipers during three weeks of protests at Gaza’s border with Israel.

The 150 list of signatories includes 20 signatories from Ireland, including political parties Sinn Fein, Solidarity, People Before Profit and the Communist Party, trade union organizations like TSSA and Dublin and Derry trades unions councils, NGOs like Afri, the Africa Centre and Centre for Global Education, solidarity groups like the Ireland-Palestine Solidarity Campaign, Sadaka and Academics for Palestine, and other anti-war, anti-racist and social justice organizations.

From the rest of Europe, it includes the European Network Against Arms Trade � a network of 18 organisations from 13 European countries, the National Federation of Railway Workers, Transport Workers, Officials and Employees of Luxembourg, Norwegian Union of Municipal and General Employees, Comisiones Obreras and CGT in the Spanish State, La Centrale Generale FGTB in Belgium, UNISON in Britain and the north of Ireland, the Belgian Workers Party, Podemos in the Spanish State, dei Lenk in Luxembourg, a global Catholic peace movement Pax Christi International, Friends of the Earth Finland, Human Rights League in France and Kairos Sabeel in the Netherlands and UK among others.

The call states that,

Aneta Jerska from the European Coordination of Committees and Associations for Palestine said,

Source: Palestine Chronicle